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Thursday, March 03, 2005

And now I've just given them extra publicity with this blog entry

My kids don't watch any television shows with commercials, but they do see the sponsor spots that PBS runs at the beginning and end of children's shows. There's been a Danimals yogurt spot running a lot lately and I offhandedly mentioned to Julia one day that this is the brand she generally eats.

Now instead of asking for yogurt, she asks for "Danimalsyogurt" like it's all one word or something. If I say something about yogurt, I am corrected "you mean Danimalsyogurt." And she's consuming copious amounts of the stuff (which sounds like a healthy enough choice, but I suspect it actually contains about 85% sugar and maybe 15% yogurt). Julia's always been terribly brand loyal, but this is getting a little extreme -- I'm pretty sure we're headed toward a Band-Aid or Kleenex type association with the Dannimals brand name around here.

Talk about ad dollars well spent.


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