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Saturday, January 22, 2005

I should have looked harder for another rhyme for "together"

Every year, I write a little rhyme for my kids' birthday party invitations. It's sort of a silly thing (when my mom saw the first one, she politely suggested I might want to consider going back to work), but now that I'm in the habit, I just keep doing it. This year's invite was no exception:

Julia's turning 3
And Evan's turning 1
We both hope that you'll join us
For some birthday party fun

We'll have a great time
Doing Music Together
So please cross your fingers
We don't get bad weather
(gotta love those winter birthdays!)

I knew I was probably tempting fate when I wrote it, but really, how many words rhyme with "together"? When people told me I was jinxing things, I laughed and said I didn't believe in jinxes.

You see where this is going, I'm sure. The party was scheduled for tomorrow and we are blanketed with snow right now, with 1-2 feet total accumulation expected and 50 mph winds on the way. The governor has just declared a state of emergency. And it's all my fault. My apologies to the entire population of the northeast for ruining your weekends. I'm just warning you now -- the party's been rescheduled for next Sunday, so you can probably expect another storm then.

I am now humbly awed by the power of the jinx.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger Kristy said...

Waaah. So sorry the party's been cancelled. Hopefully next week will fare better. Stay warm, in the meantime.

(C'mon...Jinx my Christmas next year, won't ya? I've never had a white Christmas!)


(Oh, the *nicest* way possible...maybe you *should* go back to work ;-)

At 9:30 AM, Blogger chichimama said...

We were just saying that we should lay in the winter weather supplies for next weekend as well :-).


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