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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Winter birthdays

32 children were invited to a joint birthday party for Julia & Evan this weekend, and not a single one has declined. (So much for combining their parties to mitigate the chaos.)

1 Music Together teacher has been hired to keep them all entertained (I will nominate her for sainthood if she can do it).

3 kid-sized tables and a gazillion little chairs have been reserved for meal time.

8 pizzas have been ordered to nourish all those little bodies.

42 juice boxes and 24 little water bottles have been purchased to quench their thirst.

2 cakes (1 Elmo for Evan, 1 Pooh for Julia, both per Julia's request) have been selected to maximize the sugar highs and provide optimal first birthday cake photos.

32 bell bracelets, 64 maracas and the contents of a pinata have been assembled for party favors.

Could the forecast be for anything OTHER than a Nor'easter?


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Steph said...

Yay - I finally can post comments! :) Good luck with all of that... sounds like lots of chaos, but lots of fun for the kiddies! The MT teacher should definitely be granted sainthood if she can entertain that many infants and toddlers!

Hopefully the weather will work in your favor and wait until AFTER the party for the snow to arrive :) We've already started to get dumped on down here...

Have fun!!!!

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Kristy said...

Ah, nor'easters are wonderful.

We got a taste of an Alberta clipper yesterday. A scant one inch (yes, one inch) of snow fell between 11 and 1 yesterday. But the surprise snow (none had been predicted), the school board's decision to close schools early, the DOT's delay in getting to the roads, the snow turning to ice, and the 750,000 parents all converging on the roads at the same time became the "perfect storm" of chaos. Normally 20 minute commutes took 6, 7 and 8 hours (my husband ended up walking the last 2.5 miles, for a whopping 5 hr "commute") and over 3000 children were stranded at the local schools with buses unable to take them home and parents unable to come pick them up. CRAZY. Never seen anything like it in 33 years!

Here's hoping your nor'easter turns out to be a mistaken forecast!


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