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Friday, March 04, 2005

Hide and seek

Julia's been on a Hide and Seek tear lately -- she's been playing it with me and Paul, her friends, her grandparents and whomever else she can rope in on the action. She's still in the "if I close my eyes, you won't be able to see me" stage, which makes her games amusing, if not exactly challenging, to participate in, but her enthusiasm is infectious and the game always ends in giggles all around.

Yesterday afternoon, we were at a friend's house and predictably, the girls started playing Hide and Seek. We were sitting back and enjoying the show when we spotted the other little game going on in the room. Evan was crawling away as fast as he could for a few seconds, then pausing and looking over his shoulder. Owen, who's just 3 months younger, was then racing after him and "finding" him, at which point the boys would hug, giggle hysterically and then start all over again. It was a junior game of Hide and Seek for the 1-year old set, and a game all of their own creation. I suddenly remembered all over again why the toddler years are so much fun. All that's been hidden inside of Evan for the past year is starting to come out and I can't wait to "seek" it, as Julia would say. Ready or not, here I come!


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