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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Where are my manners?

I'm generally pretty good at the social niceties game. I'm not a send-a-thank-you-for your thank-you extremist, but I know my entry-level Emily Post and I generally abide by the rules of the game in my everyday life. Not so much in cyberspace.

Despite repeated attempts to get Blogger (the capitalized entity) or a fellow blogger (one of the uncapitalized masses) to explain the technique to me, I remain completely clueless as to how to send an email reply to a comment on my blog. I know it can be done -- I've gotten emailed responses to comments I've posted on other blogs before. But I just can't seem to do it. If I already know a commenter's email address, I can forward their comment to them and reply from there, but if not, I'm shit out of luck. Nothing else about Blogger strikes me as rocket science, but I'll be damned if I can figure this out, and I've put altogether too much time and energy into trying at this point. Just today, Blogger sent me an email apologizing for the fact that they will simply never, ever have the time to reply to my polite inquiry on this topic (excuse me?), and with that unsanctioned-by-Emily-Post blow off, I'm officially giving up trying. If you've commented here before and not gotten a reply, I apologize for my rudeness. I really do appreciate knowing that people have been here and enjoyed what I have to say. I'm apparently just too clueless to tell you that personally.

If anyone wants to tell me what I'm doing wrong and teach me the right way to respond to a comment, I'll gladly send you a proper thank you note with my newfound email reply skills...


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Kristy said...

Just so you know, I'm now unable to respond directly to comments, too...yet another reason I'm researching an alternative to Blogger...


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Gretchen C. said...

Clueless here, likewise, and anyway I have Tripod, not Blogger. I'm pretty sure the illustrious Anna Beth Chao of Hashai would know exactly the answer, she being the computer knowledge behind Miss Doxie as well as her own site -- I've considered recently asking her for help on my own blog, but she's in the midst of IVF and has bigger fish to fry.

I say think big and don't respond to your comments at all. The really famous bloggers do it selectively or never.

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Bathroom Reading said...

You can only e-mail commenters if they leave their e-mail address, which Blogger no longer requires you to do. You see, they had to deal with another complaint: you couldn't comment if you didn't have a blogger account. That was a pain, because if you wanted to comment, you had to set up a whole blog. People just wanted to comment. When you set up the blogger account, you included your e-mail. So Blogger, uncharacteristically, listened. Now, you can comment anonymously or as "other," where you only put in your name and web page, but not an e-mail address.

Here's what you can do: switch to Haloscan comments ( or Enetation comments ( Both allow commenters to put in e-mail addresses.

Or, even better, get off Blogger entirely. Go to, and they'll give you a free blog, just like Blogger, but using WordPress instead (it's a much better blogging software).

I got to you from GKgirl at "bloody hell...".


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