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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Terms of endearment

Nicknames Paul has given me over the years:
The Honey
TH (a shortened version of The Honey)
T (a shortened version of TH which I put a stop to because he was essentially calling me "the")
Teeopolis Jones (in response to my complaint about the too-short T)
Opolis (because eventually everything gets shortened)
Opo-Honey (we seem to have come back around to the beginning again here)

Nicknames Paul and I have given Julia over the years:
Poopy Pants (a horrified response to those first few diaper changes)
Miss Pants (the shortened version)
Pooh (even shorter version -- and no, we didn't mean the bear)
Dohdie (Julia actually coined this one -- this is how she initially pronounced her name)
Dohd (shortened again...)
Dohdoloopie (and elongated...)
Doodlebug (strange bastardization of Dohd -- as well as the title of a cool Laurie Berkner song)

Nicknames Paul and I have given Evan over the years:
Baby Evan (predictable)
B.E. (equally predictable, once you know our pattern)
Evie (he'll hate me for this one some day)
Eveleh (personalized version of the Yiddish endearment Bubeleh)
Sweet Boy (lame, I know, but the boy is very sweet...)

Nicknames I have given Paul over the years:
oh, there's...
how about Honey? I know I call him Honey sometimes.

It's amazing the guy hasn't sued me for divorce on grounds of neglect. I swear, I really do love him to death. For someone who fancies herself a wordsmith, I'm doing a damn lousy job of showing it, though.

Sorry, Honey. I'll work on it, I promise...


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