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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Growth spurt

Dear Mr. Shoe Salesman,

Enclosed, please find an invoice for $26.29 to cover the cost of new sandals for my son.

Please understand that I made every effort to keep this bill as low as possible. As one might expect on the fifth day of July, I could have had my pick of snow boots in my son's size when we visited your store today, but your sandal inventory was so depleted that your saleswoman was conveniently unable to show me a little boy's sandal for less than $52. That seemed a lot to ask of you, so I visited two other shoe stores in search of a better deal and then turned to the Internet. My good friend Froogle found me a hell of a deal on a larger pair of the same sandals that you sold me a month ago for $36 -- only $20.26 + $6 in shipping. I trust you'll appreciate my thriftiness.

I thank you again for guaranteeing me that the sandals you sold us in June would fit until the fall. You never did specify as you rung up that sale whether you'd be backing up that guarantee with a check or store credit, but I'll leave that up to your discretion. You guaranteed the fit so emphatically that I'm sure you have a system worked out for such situations. I'm frankly just grateful that you were able to guarantee those sandals with such confidence. It sure would have been annoying to have to pay for new shoes a month later.

Sincerely yours,


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