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Monday, July 25, 2005

Want to feel better about your day? Read this entry...

My children are in recovery mode after a weekend of grandparent spoiling to the nth degree. I am in recovery mode after a weekend of adult freedom and time spent alone with my husband. The reprogramming process is not going well for any of us.

Paul just left for London, leaving me a single parent for the week. I'm not even bothering to contemplate the terrorist issues that surround his destination at the moment. I'd still rather be there than here right now.

My kitchen is 95% done, which means there have been no men in our house and we're able to use the room again. Unfortunately, it also means they're in no particular rush to get back out here to finish things up. The 5% of things not done include a leaky dishwasher (one which did not leak before this project began, I might add) and a small lake forming underneath my sink from an apparently unrelated sink leak. If no one arrives to fix these problems tomorrow, I refuse to be held accountable for the words I use in the process of ripping my contractor a new one.

It smells like something died or something in our powder room. The odor, a sort of moldy, sharp and intensely unpleasant aroma, is wafting through the main floor of my house. I have scrubbed the bathroom with bleach but cannot find the root of the problem. Sure can smell it, though...

I dropped my cell phone (you're going to love this) into a toilet in the bathroom of Babies R Us today. Had to fish it out with my hand. I cannot stop sanitizing. And the phone? Not pretty.


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