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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Days of Our Preschoolers' Lives

It is now Day 3 of The Big Fight. "We didn't work it out today," Julia reported glumly as we pulled out of the preschool parking lot after school.

Julia has been incredibly needy since the Fight Which Is Important Enought To Be Capitalized began, and all of her neediness seems to be directed at me. "I never get to spend any time with you any more," the child who used to shove me aside to get to the next play date wailed this morning as she was getting dressed for school. In the past several hours alone, I have been called upon to read, paint finger nails, participate in easel artwork and play more games of Spinning Wishes than any adult should ever be subjected to. It is all far more togetherness than I really need just lovely to have this opportunity to bond with my little girl.

On the flip side, my phone rang at quarter of 9 this morning as I was trying to usher the kids out the door to get to school. It was the mother of a classmate whom Julia has up until now declined to play with, but whose name I've been hearing increasingly over the past few days. Apparently, her child could not wait another minute to get a play date with Julia penciled in on the calendar. The mother was very apologetic about all of the rush, rush, but would next Wednesday be good for Julia?

Somehow, I think that this is all going to turn out OK, one way or the other.


At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Gretchen said...

What can I say? Every time you write about Julia, I get more and more pleased that she and my daughter share the same name. Amazing kid. Take a bow, Mom.


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